Multiple Uses for the Dakota Alert DCUT-2500

Dakota Alert has recently released their new DCUT-2500 Universal Transmitter. The unit comes with a wireless transmitter built in with a range of up to 2500 feet. It can communicate the alert signal back to the Dakota Alert DCR-2500 chime receiver which can activate a tone, activate a 12VDC timed relay and activate a N.O. or N.C. dry contact relay. The unit is completely weatherproof so it is suitable for installation outdoors or indoors.

This new Universal Transmitter has three different alarm triggers available, there is a soft push button on the front of the unit, screw terminals for NO or NC relay inputs and it comes with a small magnet and has a magnetic reed switch built in for use as a door or window switch.

This DCUT-2500 Transmitter has been available for a few months and some of the most common uses for the units have been:
– Wireless doorbells in conjunction with existing Dakota 2500 Driveway Alarms
– Door Switches for monitoring parents with Alzheimers, children’s doors, pool doors etc.
– A wireless Mailbox Alert in conjunction with a Dakota 2500 Driveway Alarm
– Using them in conjunction with the DCR-2500 Receiver to make a “wireless contact transmitter”

Have the DCUT-2500’s weather proof has really opened up their potential usefulness to our customers. That combined with the impressive 2500 foot wireless range has made them a great option for monitoring supervised “loop” or “cable” alarms. Simply by using a two wire cable a customer can connect the wires to the NC terminals on the UT-2500 and place the unit inside a locked box. If the cable is broken in anyway an alarm signal will be sent. This is great for tractor dealerships, construction sites or any outdoor security application where a quick and simple cable alarm would be effective.

You can view and purchase the DCUT-2500 transmitter at the following links:
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