FloodStops have changed! All new V4 FloodStops in Stock Now!

The very popular FloodStop leak sensors and shutoff valves have received a face lift! The FloodStop valves are now lead free and new controllers use 6 AA batteries as battery backup.

The new models also have a new advanced controller that operates on 4 X AA batteries instead of the prior version’s 4 X C batteries. Unlike the prior controller, the new controller provides additional protection by requiring the AA batteries be inserted to insure the property owner is protected in case of a power outage. Although the new controller will operates without batteries inserted, it will continually beep until batteries are inserted. The V4 (new) controller has “one” output contact (normally open), unlike the prior model with one open and one closed.

Any water using appliance (hot water heater, dishwasher, clothes washer, toilets etc.) has the potential to cause devastating amounts of damage from a burst pipe, failed connection or any number of common malfunctions. The FloodStops are designed to monitor for any water leaking around the appliance, if water is detected the FloodStop valve is IMMEDIATELY closed effectively stopping the leak and preventing the damage from occurring.

Don’t wait until it’s already happened to you! Order a FloodStop today.

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