What is a cellular gateway?

One option for people who want to use any of our alarm dialers (freeze alarms or otherwise) in either mobile applications or other applications where a land line is either not desired or impractical is the use of a Cellular Gateway to generate a phone line at the location.

How does a cellular gateway work?

A cellular gateway connects to the cell network in the area than generates a phone line through a built in phone jack in the unit. This allows ANY device which requires a phone line to be used with the gateway. This could be a freeze alarm, security alarm or even just a standard telephone or fax machine! All that is required is an active SIM card from your provider, the same type of card that is in your cell phone. The SIM card is what provides the cell gateway with a phone number and has the information regarding your cellular plan on it for the provider.

View the GlobeSurfer III+ Cellular Gateway on our websites:

In Canada: http://www.absoluteautomation.ca/globesurferiii-p/opgsurferiii.htm

In USA: http://www.absoluteautomation.com/globesurfer3-3g-gateway-replaces-land-line/