Landline Telephone to Cellular Voice Adapter and Portable Mobile Dial Tone

With traditional landline telephone service fading, there is often a need to replace that POTS (plain old telephone system) service, with a cellular equivalent that provides the same dial tone and voice call ability.  Voice dialers, alarm dialers, modems and monitoring systems from brands like Sensaphone or Agri Alert traditionally called out using a telephone line.   If a telephone line is not available, a landline telephone to cellular voice adapter is the answer.

Janus POTSwap landline diale tone to cellularThere is also a need for ‘portable dial tone’ for mobile voice and modem services.  Applications include providing telephone service on marine vessels, mobile police, hostage negotiation or crime scenes, news trucks and more.

For these applications, we recommend the Janus POTswap.  The POTswap has a standard RJ11 type phone connection and it provides a dial tone to the connected equipment.    When the equipment needs to dial out, the Janus cellular adapter automatically adapts the call to cellular service instead of landline.  The user simply needs to add an active SIM card and cellular voice service.

While there are cheap devices on the market they are typically aimed at residential and lite-use and often require adding a mobile phone via a dock.  The POTswap is an industrial/commercial class fully stand alone adapter.  It’s rated to operate in extreme temperatures from -40F to 140F (-40C to +60C).

This is also a replacement consideration for those looking for discontinued Telular SX5E, SX5T, SX5P, SX6 and similar equpment that is no longer available or functional.

The Janus POTswap is availalable in USA here:
In Canada it can be found here: