Author: Nathan McBride

Self Monitored Security Alarm Systems

Absolute Automation offers a wide range of environmental self monitoring solutions for residential, small business, agriculture, greenhouse, medical, pharmaceutical, waste water and similar applications. These solutions are based around factors such as temperature, humidity, vibration, water leaks, water pression and so on. Canadian customers looking for security systems and self monitoring may wish to look

Sump Pump Alarm – Calls you and has siren – HUGE SALE!

Just in time for basement flooding season our Sump Pump Alarm dialer is having a clearance sale! This device is wireless and can call you as well as set off a local loud alert to let you know that water levels are too high! Buy in USA – Buy in Canada –

Stand Alone Cellular Sump Pump Alarm – Monitor High or Low Water Alarms and send text messages, emails etc.

Cellular Sump Pump Alarm – Completely Stand Alone and all Weather The SumpProxy is versatile and affordable sump pump alarm system.  Designed for indoor or outdoor use it’s battery operated with a 4-5 year battery life. It’s also a cellular system meaning no existing internet, telephone etc.  connection is required. Completely stand alone it can