Self Monitored Security Alarm Systems

Absolute Automation offers a wide range of environmental self monitoring solutions for residential, small business, agriculture, greenhouse, medical, pharmaceutical, waste water and similar applications. These solutions are based around factors such as temperature, humidity, vibration, water leaks, water pression and so on. Canadian customers looking for security systems and self monitoring may wish to look

Dakota Alert 4000 Alarms

Dakota Alert has released their new 4000 series alarm and alert systems. For years Dakota Alert has made one of the best driveway alarm systems and motion sensor alerts. This new refresh offers twice the range of the previous 2500 series and a newly designed receiver. The 400 series now offers up to 4000 feet

Landline Telephone to Cellular Voice Adapter and Portable Mobile Dial Tone

With traditional landline telephone service fading, there is often a need to replace that POTS (plain old telephone system) service, with a cellular equivalent that provides the same dial tone and voice call ability.  Voice dialers, alarm dialers, modems and monitoring systems from brands like Sensaphone or Agri Alert traditionally called out using a telephone