Dakota Alert 4000 Alarms

Dakota Alert has released their new 4000 series alarm and alert systems. For years Dakota Alert has made one of the best driveway alarm systems and motion sensor alerts. This new refresh offers twice the range of the previous 2500 series and a newly designed receiver. The 400 series now offers up to 4000 feet or 1 mile wireless range! Dakota plans to add to this line later in the year with a new portable pager.

Dakota Alert 4000 Motion Sensor

Dakota DCMA4000 driveway alarm

The Dakota Alert DCMA4000 is a wireless PIR motion sensing driveway alarm with up to 1 mile range. The motion sensor will detect moving people and vehicles. When motion is detected a wireless signal is sent to the receiver and thee receiver flashes an indicator light and plays one of 12 user defined tunes.

DCMA4000 in USA
DCMA4000 in Canada

Dakota Alert 4000 Vehicle Sensor

The Dakota Alert DCPA4000 is a wireless vehicle sensing driveway alarm. The included magnetic sensing vehicle probe detects moving metal objects like cars, trucks and tractors. The probe attaches to the wireless transmitter which then sends a wireless signal up to 1 miles to the receiver. The receiver will turn on an LED indicator and play one of 12 user selected tunes.

DCPA4000 in USA
DCPA4000 in Canada

Dakota Alert Rubber Hose Vehicle Sensor

The Dakota Alert DCRH4000 uses a rubber hose laid across the detection area to detect vehicles. The rubber hose is attached to a wireless transmitter that sends the wireless signal up to 1 mile to the receiver. The receiver turns on an indicator light and plays one of 12 user selected tunes.

DCRH4000 in USA
DCRH4000 in Canada

More About Dakota Alert 4000

The Dakota 4000 series is extremely flexible and can be expanded by adding additional DCR4000 wireless receivers, and additional sensors/transmitters. Up to 16 sensors can be paired with a receiver and there are four different “zones” or groups in which sensors can be paired. Each group can have a different tune so that it’s obvious which sensor has been triggered.

This is a very long range system with up to 1 mile range but keep in mind this is based on direct line of sight without any interference. As with all wireless products, any obstructions like trees, walls, hills, will reduce the real life maximum wireless range.