Covid-19 Vaccine Temperature Monitoring Devices

While the Covid numbers are continuing to grow, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel with the announcement from Pfizer and Moderna that their vaccines have been found to be over 90% effective. Although there are still significant hurdles to clear before vaccines can be released, now is the time for distribution, storage and vaccination providers to prepare for Covid-19 vaccine temperature monitoring requirements & cold chain requirements.

Covid-19 Vaccine Temperature Monitoring

As with any vaccine, Covid-19 vaccines must be stored at the correct temperature or they become spoiled, so it’s important and government mandated that Covid-19 cold storage temperature must be monitored and logged. Due to the sensitive nature of cold storage, vaccine temperature monitoring devices must be installed to monitor and log temperature readings of fridges and freezers that are used for vaccine storage.

Additionally, as best practice, vaccine temperature monitoring devices should include temperature alerts or alarms to notify operators of any change in temperature that may impact the safe storage of the vaccine. Power failure monitoring devices and alarms are also recommended.

Moderna’s claims their vaccine needs to be stored at -20C or -4F, while Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine will require storage temperatures of -70 C or -94 F or lower.

Fortunately, the equipment required to monitor and alert operators who store vaccines, is readily available today. Sensaphone’s Sentinel is ideal for Covid-19 Vaccine Temperature Monitoring. Sentinel can support up to 12 temperature probes for fridges and freezers in a single monitoring unit.

The Sensaphone cellular version also accepts up to 12 temperature probes but uses cellular communication instead of Ethernet/Internet in cases where it isn’t practical or possible to rely on the existing network.

Vaccine temperature sensors are available with or without NIST certification to monitor fridges and freezers for medical cold storage. Variations include standard probes, as well as temperature sensors in vials filled with glass beads or glycol to more closely mimic vaccine storage and buffer quick changes in temperatures related to open and closing doors.

With these temperature monitoring devices, readings will be automatically recorded, stored in the cloud securely and made available for reporting as needed. This serves to ensure that no temperature fluctuations out of band have occurred, the cold chain is maintained and facilities are meeting government mandated requirements.

Additionally, alerts can be set up to notify operators by email, SMS text and cloud based voice alerts in case temperatures fall out of norm, or in case of a power failure.

As these systems are expandable, other key facility metrics can be monitored for occupation or security. For example, doors may also be monitored to ensure the stay closed, or motion sensors can be installed for security purposes.

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