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Dakota Alert 4000 Alarms

Dakota Alert has released their new 4000 series alarm and alert systems. For years Dakota Alert has made one of the best driveway alarm systems and motion sensor alerts. This new refresh offers twice the range of the previous 2500 series and a newly designed receiver. The 400 series now offers up to 4000 feet

Best Driveway Alarm

Driveway alarm and alert systems help secure your home, cottage, farm or business by alerting staff or the property owner when a person or vehicle has entered the property.  Don’t get caught off guard by a stranger, customer or visitor suddenly appearing at the door or on on your property.  Instead you can have an

Wireless driveway alarm that doesn’t require batteries, or solar power. Does it exist?

It does now! A common request is for a driveway alarm system which can send the signal wirelessly from the sensor back to the receiver inside, but is not battery powered at the sensor location. With powered gates, light posts lining driveways and other systems requiring power at entrances becoming more common it is also