Commercial Entry Alert

Do you have a large or loud area where you’d like an entry alert to notify you of customers or couriers arriving at your business? We’re often asked for a door alarm system that is suitable for these types of environments, where a standard chime or ‘ding dong’ won’t be enough to get staffs attention that a visitor has arrived.

With our new strobe and strobe/siren accessories this has never been easier. Simply choose either a straight strobe or the strobe/siren device and never miss a visitor again. Both accessories can be powered directly from the door alarm system, plus it’s all wireless meaning you can place the strobe/siren anywhere if your place of business you’d like (up to 2500 feet from the door being monitored)!

The system is also available in either a door switch (alarms when door opens) or motion (alarms when motion in door way is detected) sensor type, so whether you’re a retail store front that leaves the door open often or a warehouse where the doors are always closed we have a suitable alarm for you.

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Door and Entrance Alert
Door and Entrance Alert with Strobe/Siren