ELK Product WSV2 Stainless Steel Shut Off Valve

The WSV2 Shut Off Valve is a stainless steel valve from ELK. The 1” ball valve does not restrict flow when open. The valve can be triggered to Open and Close from a SPDT relays (Normally Open/Normally Closed) and requires 12VDC to operate. It is perfect for connecting into existing alarm or automation systems or even connecting directly to simple water leak sensors such as our Water Bug units to close valves in the event of a leak or flood.

The valve can also be manually opened/closed with the built in handle and can be triggered open or close with an “Easy” button connected to the Relay inputs.

You can view the WSV2 Valves at the below links:

USA Store:


Canada Store:


ELK WSV2 Valve
ELK WSV2 Valve


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