Mier Products Introduces New Long Range Wireless Driveway Alarm Systems

Mier Products has long been an industry standard in the magnetic probe driveway alarm industry. The DA-500 Control Panels and DA-051 metal sensing probes have proven to be rock solid as hard wired vehicle sensing driveway alarm systems. The rugged steel casing around the control panel helps demonstrate the entire systems durability. The large easy to access and easy to use screw terminals for the alarm outputs as well as the drive alert sensor input make the system DIY friendly for most end users and very installer friendly.

Mier Products has now introduced a new wireless Long Range magnetic probe driveway alarm system which boasts a wireless range of up to 3000 feet. The control panel/receiver which goes inside the home or building uses an external YAGI antenna to help achieve this wireless range. The magnetic probe (DA-051) is buried outside just as they always were and then has a length of wire running from the probe back to the weatherproof transmitter which is mounted or a tree or post nearby. The wire lengths can be customized with lengths available up to 500 feet making the probe location very versatile.

Mier has several different versions of their wireless receiver; the DA-605 model is the most popular unit as it comes complete with the DA-066 wireless transmitter built in. This allows the end user to simply add battery and/or plug in chimes throughout their home. The DA-605 control panel sends a wireless chime signal throughout the home when it receives an alert signal from the DA-611 wireless driveway sensor (that is a DA-051 sensor plus the wireless transmitter).

All Mier Products are manufactured in the USA and come with a full 1 year warranty directly from the manufacturer. Absolute Automation carries all Mier products, contact us for a quote today!