All new and wireless Sump Pump Alarm Dialer System

The New Wireless Sump Pump Alarm Dialer is a great way to have added protection in the event of a sump pump failure.

The Sump Bobber is able to be attached to any pipe or inside the sump well with a simple stainless steel hose clamp. It will monitor rising water levels and alert the user if the levels are too high. The Uncle Albert Wireless Alarm Dialer is combined with the Sump Bobber to be the alarm when the proper condition is met. The Sump Bobber will beep continuously, and the Uncle Albert will call the users programmed telephone number(s) until the alert is answered.

The Sump Bobber can be placed up to 300 feet away from the Uncle Albert dialer and a wireless signal is transmitted to the Uncle Albert dialer.

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