Confused with Freeze Alarm Cellular options?

Want a Freeze Alarm but don’t have a land line?

There are so many options out there this is a question we get all the time, and people are confused by all the options.

There are a few key facts that help to clear things up with our customers.

  1. If you’d like to receive alerts remotely (while you’re away from the location being monitored) you need to have some type of communication service available at the monitored location. This is either a land line, cellular device or internet.
  2. If you’d like to be alerted with telephone calls than you will require either the landline or a cellular option. If you’d like to be alerted by text messages and/or emails you will need to have internet at the monitored location.

How to receive freeze alarm telephone calls without paying for a landline.

You will have to have a cellular connection, which will have a cost to it. You can achieve this by either

  1. Leaving a cell phone that is turned on and active at the location, or:
  2. Purchasing a Cellular Gateway such as our Globe surfer III+.

Both devices require a SIM card which you can purchase from your local cellular provider, if you want to use an existing cell phone that you already have than you will need to add a X-Link BlueTooth device to the cell phone to allow which ever Freeze Alarm you purchase to interface with the cell phone (the X-Link connects via Bluetooth to the Cell Phone, than has a phone jack in it for the Freeze Alarm to plug into).

For more information on using a cellular gateway view this blog article –

Not interested in paying for a phone line (cellular or land line) at your cottage? Than an internet device is likely better for you. If you have WiFi at the location than the TempSpot WiFi temperature sensor is a quick and easy method of monitoring the temperature, and receive text message and/or email alerts when the temperature goes outside of your programmed thresholds.