NEW Text Messaging Driveway Alarm!

There has long been a need for a simple to use text messaging driveway alarm. Now there’s the CARSPOT! The CARSPOT is a simple to use complete driveway alarm system which can send text message and email alerts every time it is triggered. Available in both infrared and magnetic probe versions this system is perfect for any application.

Not many driveway alarm systems offer long range receiver options, however with the CARSPOT the range is no longer an issue. Simply receive text and email alerts instantly when a customer, client or delivery arrives allowing you to be completely mobile! Perfect for greenhouses, garden markets or other small businesses where front line staff may not always be in the reception area.

The CARSPOT operates on the local WiFi network and so is completely free to own and operate, check it out today!


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Driveway Alarms that sends Texts
Driveway Alarms that sends Texts