April Showers bring….flooded basements?

Every spring thousands of basements are flooded from snow melt combined with spring rains and thawing ground. It can be an issue of sump pumps just not keeping up, failing, bobbers getting stuck or even just a temporary power outage during a storm. There are dozens of methods to attempt to reduce the odds of something going wrong, whether it’s adding battery backups for the pump, extra floats or more but the bottom line is, if the water gets to high in the pit without someone noticing, you’ve got a serious problem.

This is where sump pit alarms come into play, easy to install they’re fool proof in that no matter what happens, if the water in the pit goes above your alarm threshold, you’ll be notified. No more trying to guess what may or may not fail, and ‘backing it up’. Just make sure the water in the pit stays low, and you’re good to go!

Below are our two most popular ‘Sump Pump Alarm options:

Dialer – This device will call you if the water level gets to high, as well as set off a local audible alert.

WiFi – This device will send you an email and text message if the water level gets to high.