Control Products Freeze Alarm Options

Occasionally there is some confusion regarding the FreezeAlarm monitoring and dialer products.

Control Products is the manufacturer of the Freeze Alarm line of temperature monitoring and dialer products. Absolute Automation is a leading authorized distributor of these products.

Which freeze alarms are made by Control Products?

The FAI-CCA (Freeze Alarm Intermediate), FAD2 (Freeze Alarm Deluxe), FA700 (Basic Freeze Alarm) and HS-700 (Freeze Alarm Homesitter) are all alarm dialers manufactured by Control Products. Each system will monitor the temperature and when/if it falls below the alarm point will dial out to alert you or others to the alarm conditions.

All Freeze Alarms from Control Products require some type of phone line, but all can be used with the X-Link Bluetooth device ( in locations where a land line is impossible, impractical or just too expensive.

Are there any monitoring fees with Freeze Alarms?

No. Like all the alarm dialer systems Absolute Automation carries the customer owns and operates the device, so there are NO recurring revenues. Once you’ve purchased the unit you own it and do not have to pay any fees to use the device. You choose who it calls, you do not need to use a monitoring station or company.

Alright, this is all great. But which system should I buy?

Lucky for you, we’ve created a handy Freeze Alarm Comparison chart found here – – which should help with your purchasing. The FAI-CCA Intermediate is the most popular Freeze Alarm.

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