Wireless driveway alarm that doesn’t require batteries, or solar power. Does it exist?

It does now!

A common request is for a driveway alarm system which can send the signal wirelessly from the sensor back to the receiver inside, but is not battery powered at the sensor location. With powered gates, light posts lining driveways and other systems requiring power at entrances becoming more common it is also becoming more common to have standard 110VAC outdoor outlets at the sensor locations. So for those lucky enough to be in that position, why would they want to have to worry about and change batteries in their driveway sensors when power is already available at the sensor location?

The only wireless driveway alarm system we carry that is designed to also be operated using power adapters is the Dakota Alert BBA-2500 dual break beam. It’s a powerful wireless system with a transmission range of up to 2500 feet. The system is a ‘break beam’ style sensor, utilizing two beams which must be broken simultaneously to limit false alarms from small animals, birds etc.

Dakote Driveway Alarm – No Batteries

Purchase in USA: http://www.absoluteautomation.com/bba2500-dakota-alert-break-beam-system-2500/

Purchase in Canada: http://www.absoluteautomation.ca/solar-powered-drivewayalarm-p/dkbba2500.htm