Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring

Looking for temperature sensors for the cold chain for vaccines or other ‘ultra’ cold temperature monitoring?

Sensaphone has a wide range of monitoring devices, and temperature sensors with the capability of monitoring temperatures anywhere from +204C down to -200C. NIST certification is available on almost all temperature sensors as well. With alarm notifications via email, text message, phone call etc. and data logging also available one of the Sensaphone monitors will suit your organizations cold chain requirements for temperature monitoring.

The ultra-cold sensors are perfect for use in the food, health care, and other industries with cold chain requirements for products. Many industries require cold chain records and NIST ultra-low temperature sensors. Sensaphone monitoring products can satisfy these requirements. Contact us today with your ultra-cold temperature requirements.

Does your application need NIST traceable sensors? This is an important question to ask any regulatory bodies your organization will be dealing with. Many regulatory bodies will only accept cold chain recorders or temperature reading from NIST traceable sensors with current certification dates.

Sensaphone RTD Ultra Low Sensor found here –

Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring
Medical cold chain temperature monitoring