Stand Alone Cellular Sump Pump Alarm – Monitor High or Low Water Alarms and send text messages, emails etc.

Cellular Sump Pump Alarm – Completely Stand Alone and all Weather

The SumpProxy is versatile and affordable sump pump alarm system.  Designed for indoor or outdoor use it’s battery operated with a 4-5 year battery life. It’s also a cellular system meaning no existing internet, telephone etc.  connection is required.

Completely stand alone it can be placed anywhere with cellular service. When the float switch detects water levels are too high (or low) the alarm will send an alert out to up to 10 users via voice call, text message and email.

Looking to monitor water levels in a remote location? Water levels in a trough at a feed lot? Storm water lagoons? Whatever the location the SumpProxy can be a useful alarm and monitoring tool.

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