Text Messaging WiFi Freeze Alarm – No Phone Line Required

Looking for a text messaging Freeze Alarm?

Check out the TempSpot. It’s a WiFi freeze alarm that will continuously monitor and report the temperature at its location to your free cloud account. If the temperature goes above, or below your programmed thresholds you will receive an email and text message alerting you to the temperature alarm.

The TempSpot is a completely stand alone temperature alarm, all it requires is a solid WiFI signal to operate. It is powered by 2 x AA batteries which should last about two years, you can also program low battery alarms and ‘loss of signal’ alerts so if the battery begins to run down, or, the TempSpot loses its WiFi connection you can also received text message and email alerts notifying you of those issues.

With a straight forward interface, reliable service and supervision (meaning you’ll be notified if the sensor stops working), plus being able to check the temperature in real time at any time through the cloud, the TempSpot is an excellent text messaging freeze alarm. No more worrying about your property becoming dangerously cold and receiving a nasty repair bill.

Click here to view the TempSpot online – http://www.absoluteautomation.com/tempspot-wifi-freeze-alarm/