Dakota Alert Driveway Alarms

Dakota Alert is one of the leaders in driveway alarms worldwide. With Dakota Alerts wireless technology users can have an unlimited number of sensors and receivers all working together as one complete system. This allows users and installers to create custom alarm systems for their properties.

Dakota Alert offers the following types of sensor/transmitters in their 2500 line of products:

Outdoor Motion Sensor
Indoor Motion Sensor
Magnetic Vehicle Sensor
Solar Powered Break Beam Sensor (perimeter type sensor)
Push Button (Doorbell)
Rubber Air Hose
Dry Contact (accepts normally open or normally closed sensors to trigger it)

On top of this they offer two types of receivers, a stationary plug in chime that has multiple outs, timers, etc. built and a portable pager receiver.

With all of those options and an incredible wireless range of 2500 feet from any transmitter to either receiver it’s easy to build the perfect alarm and monitoring system for your needs.

One of the most common phone calls we receive on a daily basis is, “I’m looking for a driveway alarm, but I’m not sure which one is best for me.”

If a wireless driveway alarm is what you’re looking for then there’s a Dakota Alert 2500 system that’ll suit your needs.

Looking to detect vehicles, but not people and want to avoid false alarms? Check out the DKDCPA2500.
Looking to detect people and vehicles, and avoid false alarms? Check out the DKBBA2500.
Looking to detect people and vehicles, and live in area where false alarms wouldn’t really be an issue? Check out the DKDCMA2500.