It’s Freeze/Temperature Alarm Season!

This is the time of the year that we close up our cottages for the winter months.  What better way to ensure peace of mind than to install a device that will monitor the temperature and power status for you and call you if or when there is an issue?  There are several devices that will do just that!  For most of these devices, you can also call in at any time and check on the power and temperature status…just to be sure!

Concerned about a water heater?  Some of these dialing devices will even allow  you to connect a water sensing device to them.  For instance, place the water sensing device under your water heater, connect it to the dialing unit and you will be notified if there is a small leakage of water from your water heater.  There are also other monitoring devices that you can add as well, i.e. motion sensor, window or door sensor, etc.

If you have a second home or cottage, consider adding this type of device before closing it up for the winter months!