Take a DVR-01 on Vacation to Watch Your Hotel Room

Maggie and Joe get back to their room after dinner while on their Caribbean resort vacation and find that their room and safe have been broken into. A whole day of their valuable vacation time is lost in communication with their concierge and even though they are compensated for their loss of cash and valuables, it still ruins their one week to get away and enjoy themselves.

When going on vacation you often have to leave valuables in your room, whether you are going to spend the day at the beach or going out sightseeing. Many hotels will provide a safe for your items but they are never fool proof and often you have items that are too large to fit in your safe. Being in another country, often where English is not a first language, you are at great risk of being stolen from or having your possessions tampered with. The worry of this happening should not stop you from going and enjoying yourself but you should also go prepared. Take a Dakota Alert DVR-01 with you to ensure that those that do come to your room are just there to clean and or to restock the refrigerator.

A DVR-01 is a self-contained security camera. This little camera will film and record video and audio when it senses movement, even if the room is dark. Wrong doers will not be on the lookout for a hidden security camera and this small devise can easily be hidden in an inconspicuous spot. We have all heard stories of shady cleaning staff or hotel rooms with broken balcony doors. Using a DVR-01 you can have peace of mind that all of your things are just as you left them. And if something is to happen you have video evidence to provide to the hotel and the police. Your home insurance may also cover items lost on vacation and video evidence may be great evidence.