New Sensaphone Monitoring Solutions for 2015 – Sentinel and WatchDog

New Sensaphone Products for 2015 – Sensaphone WatchDogMT and Sensaphone Sentinel

The two new Sensaphone products being released are both targeted at Water Quality Professionals for use in water treatment plants and for wastewater monitoring.

The Sensaphone WatchDogMT will be a remote monitoring solution with both cellular and satellite options. The WatchDogMT will also have ModBus integration and the ability to monitor up to 64 alarms.

The WatchDog master will poll all slave devices and store the information internally. This information can be interrogated and viewed remotely or easily downloaded from the Sensaphone using a USB stick for transfer.

All alarm sensor data can be printed, graphed and exported from anywhere for data logging purposes. When an alarm condition is detected at any sensor an e-mail, phone call or text message can be sent out.

For installations and applications where a Modbus integrated system is not required or beneficial the new Sensaphone Sentinel is an Ethernet and cloud based monitor also available with a cellular option. The Sentinel can monitor up to 12 environmental sensors and alert the appropriate personnel via e-mail, phone call or text message. Just like the WatchDog the Sentinel also offers an unlimited number of data logged records via the cloud.

For all your waste water and water treatment monitoring needs check out the new Sensaphone Sentinel and WatchDogMT monitoring solutions in 2015!

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