How do you protect your pets when you’re not home?


Protect your pets when you're not home!

You know the importance of installing smoke detectors to protect family members, loved ones and pets in the event of a fire.
As long as the batteries are replaced regularly, there is peace of mind in the idea that the alarm will provide due warning in the
event of an actual fire in the home.

But what happens when you’re not at home and your smoke detector goes off?  Nothing.
This is where Temperature Alarms and Dialers can save lives – even of the four-legged variety.

These monitoring devices can call you (or any other number(s) you choose) when an alarm condition occurs!  With several leading brands of temperature alarms, freeze alarms, cabin monitors and cottage sitters – you can be sure to find one that suits your specific needs and your budget.   From the traditional alerts in the event of fire or carbon monoxide presence, today’s dialers can have other expanded capabilities that just may surprise you.

Temperature Alarms and Dialers can be connected to a large selection of Acccesories which can monitor for:

  • Break-Ins
  • Water
  • Temperature
  • Air Quality
  • Humidity
  • Power Outages

Pets and animals in your home or on your property are vulnerable to the same dangers as people, without the benefit of being able to help themselves in dangerous situations.  Temperature Alarms and Dialers are an inexpensive way to ensure your cherished pets will be safe and waiting for you when you get home!