Looking for an extra loud driveway alarm?

There are many reasons our customers contact us looking for extra loud driveway alarms, it may be a large home, a commercial or industrial application or even for hearing impaired clients. Whatever the reason, there is always a way to go about it.

  1. Large Home: Firstly, an extra loud driveway chime isn’t usually the best option. People in the room with the chime won’t appreciate the extra volume when it’s triggered and there’s still never a guarantee someone at the far end of the home will hear it. Luckily, all of our wireless driveway alarms allow multiple chimes to be added to the system. Users can simply purchase additional chimes and place them throughout the home in strategic locations to ensure everyone in the home will be alerted to arriving visitors.
  2. Commercial/Industrial Settings: We often get design requests from commercial or industrial customers with shops or warehouses which are large and noisy, but they need to be alerted to arriving couriers or customers. There are two options these customers typically go with, either adding a loud siren to the system to alert staff, or if it’s a large open area adding a strobe light to the driveway alarm system. With either add on, every time the driveway alarm is activated the siren or strobe will also activate catching personnel’s attention and alerting them of arrival.
  3. Hearing Impaired: With a hearing impaired user, the best solution is something portable which they can carry with them. The Dakota Alert wireless driveway alarm system has a pager receiver option with a powerful vibrator. Users can simply carry the pager with them in their pocket, if/when the driveway alarm is triggered the pager will vibrate and notify them of the visitor.

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