Spring means it’s time to check your Sump Pump

Spring is coming, and with it thawing snow and lots of rain! Most basement floods occur in the spring and summer when sump pumps can be over burdened with water from frost thawing out of the ground, snow melt and those torrential spring rains.

Having a battery backup on your sump pump is ALWAYS a good idea, as the heaviest rain storms often cause power outages at the same time creating the perfect “storm” for a basement flood! If you are home you can easily make sure everything is fine by double checking your sump pump during the storm, or even using something like our WaterBug 350 with an audible alarm built in to let you know if water rises to a dangerous level.

But what if you’re not home?

Than you can have a serious problem with a failed pump, stuck float etc.. Every spring we get numerous calls from customer after they have had a flood due to a failed or malfunctioning pump in an unoccupied home. The best method we have found so far to limiting these problems is our SUMPSPOT kit, it’s a wifi alarm system so it is free for the owner to operate. There are no contracts, no monthly bills etc.. The system operates on your WiFi network and will contact you, or whoever you tell it to, when the water in your sump pit rises to whatever level you’ve set the sensor or float at. When it detects that water has risen to your alarm point it will send out an email and text message alerting you to the problem, giving you time to respond and fix the problem before it becomes a basement disaster!

Buy the SumpSpot Here:

Canada Store – http://www.absoluteautomation.ca/sumpspot-wifisumppumpalarm-p/sumpspot.htm

USA Store – http://www.absoluteautomation.com/sumpspot-wifi-sump-pump-alarm-for-texting/