New and Improved Automatic Stove Shut Off System now available!

Absolute Automation is now a distributor of the CookStop automatic stove shut off device. The CookStop will monitor for motion in the kitchen, every time motion is detected the built in programmable timer will automatically reset itself and begin counting down again. If the timer ever hits 0 (meaning there has not been any motion for the designated amount of time) the CookStop will instantly cut off power to the stove potentially stopping a devastating kitchen fire.

Kitchen fires are a major cause of residential structure fires, and unattended cooking is the major cause behind kitchen fires. Installing a stove shut off device like the CookStop can greatly reduce the chances of this happening to you. Guard your stove with  a CookStop and know you’ll never have to worry again about someone leaving the stove on!

Perfect for:

People with dementia
Busy people who just get distracted
Retirement residences (very popular)
Also; anyone who cooks and isn’t constantly watching the stove!

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Stove Shut Off
Stove Shut Off