Water Leak Detection and Shut Off Systems for Condo and Hotel Towers

Water leaks in unoccupied or low occupancy condo and hotel towers leads to extremely costly water damage and insurance claims.
Many resort style or vacation condominium towers are largely empty throughout the off-season, this leaves them especially vulnerable to water damage due to a broken pipe fitting, failed connection or any other common plumbing problem. We frequently hear stories AFTER the fact, where a dishwasher hose has become disconnected or a hot water tank has failed in an upper story unit. When this happens during the off-season, the leak can go undetected for weeks, leading to multiple units across several floors being ruined with water damage.
We have several solutions which would be appropriate for helping to prevent this type of damage from occurring.

1. FLOODSPOT – These are WiFi water sensors which communicate back to a single cloud account through the buildings WiFi network. Simple to setup and use the system can have as many sensors as required operating under one account, each sensor can be named so if/when a water leak is detected the alerted personnel will know exactly which unit to respond too. These are available as individual ‘spot’ sensors, or with water rope to cover a large area.

2. WaterCop Pro – This system is designed primarily as a leak sensor and shutoff device, when any of the wireless water sensors detects a water leak a wireless alarm signal is sent to the main control panel, which instantly closes the water valve, cutting of the water supply to the leak and stopping the problem. Each water sensor is addressable, and the source of the leak is displayed on the control panel’s screen, again allowing personnel to address the leak prior to turning the water back on.

FloodSpot WiFi Water Leak Sensor
WiFi Water Leak Sensor
WaterCop Pro System
WaterCop Pro Leak Detection
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