New 4G Cellular Gateway!

Absolute Automation now offers a new 4G Cellular Gateway to replace land lines. Similar to the previous 3G models users can simply purchase a pay as you go SIM card from their cell provider, then place the card into the Gateway. The Gateway than provides a phone line connection through the built in RJ11 jack which any of our freeze alarm dialers or any other device (telephone, fax machine etc.) which would normally require a landline could connect to be able to dial out.

Many of the 3G and other networks in the US are being sunset (phased out), so older cellular gateways will need to be replaced with new 4G units such as this one. Pair the B890 gateway with any of our freeze alarm dialers, or even wifi alarms and have an instant working system for remote, temporary or even mobile applications.

Check out the new 4G Gateway here –

Huawei B890
4G Cellular Gateway