Gift Ideas for the 2016 Holidays

Looking for gift ideas this season? We’ve got you covered!

For the elderly, busy, easily distracted or just about anyone who cooks!

Most residential fires start in the kitchen and are caused by unattended cooking. This is when someone simply gets distracted and forgets a pot on stove, a roast in the oven or any other item is left on or near a stove or cook stop that is left on. The CookStop is a quick and easy, instant solution to this problem.  The CookStop monitors the kitchen for activity and has a customizable timer built in, if the CookStop realizes the kitchen has been empty long enough to allow the timer to hit ‘zero’ it shuts power off the stove significantly reducing the chances of a kitchen fire. Affordable, quick and easy to install the CookStop is a must for anyone with a habit of distracted or forgetful cooking.

CookStop –


Rural residents –

For any friends or family who live in a rural or other setting a driveway alarm is always a welcome gift. Install a driveway alarm and gone are the days of wondering, “Did someone just pull in?”, then having to get up and go look out a window to try and see if someone is, or is not there. With a driveway chime every time a vehicle passes the sensor the chime inside will sound a pleasant tone letting the home owners know that someone has indeed arrived.

DCPA-2500 –


People with cottages/vacation homes – Freeze Alarms

Trying to score yourself a week at a friend’s cottage or vacation home? Owning a second home isn’t always sunshine and roses, when you’re not there things can go wrong very quickly. The most common culprit is water damage, and the most common cause of water damage in a seasonal home is pipes freezing and bursting. A freeze alarm is your best bet to monitor your vacation property for dangerous temperatures.

FAI-CCA – – Straight for Freeze Alarm and dialer

TempSpot – – WiFi Connected Freeze Alarm (no land line needed!)

Sensaphone FGD-400 – – Four Zone Alarm, can monitor temperature, water leaks, motion sensors etc.