Is is time for a security camera system?

Home security cameras are not just for the paranoid. Home security has many uses aside from simply preventing thievery.

With a home surveillance system you can check on the status of your home while on vacation; it is as easy as logging in on your Smartphone and seeing what your camera sees. This would be useful if you wanted to check on the weather, to see if your mail is being picked up, if your lawn needs cutting, or your snow needs removal.

In this world of ever increasing lawsuits and insurance you should always be prepared for the unexpected. You are responsible for the safety of anyone who enters your property, invited or not. There are stories of thieves falling through faulty roofs and suing the homeowner they were attempting to steal from. While this is an extreme circumstance a security camera can also catch the trip or fall of a postal carrier. Video evidence such as this can prevent any wrongful accusations and any undeserved lawsuit.

With indoor video surveillance you can monitor even more. You can know when your kids have arrived home safe from school, if the babysitter is doing their job, and if your kids are in bed or if the baby is sleeping. You can even monitor your own habits. Many people today are fighting obesity and are advised by their health professionals to monitor what they are eating. You can review your video footage to see what you eat in a day. Also knowing that there is a camera watching is a great deterrent for that midnight snack!

Many people are deterred from home security because of expensive monthly monitoring fees. One way around this is to install a DIY system that calls your phone instead of a monitoring center. This way you can decide for yourself if a tripped alarm is an actual threat or not. Most systems can be programmed to call multiple phone numbers or even email and text message to notify the appropriate persons to the alert.

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