What is Home Automation?

Home automation uses systems and devices that control elements of your home environment — lighting, appliances, entry alerts, temperature, and so much more!  They can be used to improve safety, expand usability and make life easier for everyone living in or visiting your home.

Home automation can:

  • Make it easier to communicate with your family
  • Save you time and effort
  • Improve your family’s personal safety
  • Reduce your heating and cooling costs
  • Increase your home’s energy efficiency
  • Alert you audibly and visually to emergency situations
  • Allow you to monitor your home while you are away

What Kind of Things Can Home Automation Control?


Sensors that control lighting can be activated by people, cars in the driveway, an open door or window and many other triggers.  Motion sensors that activate lights can be especially beneficial to people with limited mobility and physical disabilities because they do not have to manually activate a switch.  Sensors which activate lights are also a great deterrent for intruders.

Security, Heating & Cooling

Dialer Alarm Systems that will notify you directly of any problems at your home are now available. This type of system is very cost effective as there is no monitoring fee – and enables you to control as many or as few devices as you desire.  Dialers will monitor your house, cottage, cabin, computer rooms, equipment centers, offices, or any unattended facility to detect power failures, temperature extremes, intrusions, water incursion, sounds such as smoke and burglar alarms, and other conditions of your choice.  Alarm messages can be sent to any number you choose – many of the dialers allowing customizable messages.  Some of these systems can even be set to adjust the air conditioning or thermostat with just a phone call!

Door Intercoms

Being able to communicate with and identify the person who is at the door from anywhere in the home is a great feature for everyone.  No more annoying sales people surprising you at the door, younger family members can answer the door while being safely in the house and with the mobility of many of these units – you’ll never miss an important visitor.


Your security system can be used in conjunction with window/door sensors.  If a window or door is opened when it should not be the sensor will cause the dialer to automatically send you a signal or a pre-recorded message.

Fire and Other Safety Emergencies

No one wants to take chances with the safety and lives of loved ones, so it is important to be able to both detect an emergency situation and get assistance when it is needed. This is especially important since more people with disabilities and seniors are living alone than ever before.  Automated homes can be equipped with alarms that are wired to work with several devices throughout the home. When triggered, smoke and fire alarms can activate dialers that automatically call a pre-programmed number for assistance.

If you care for someone, such as a senior, child or person with a disability who could wander, a dialer could also help ensure their safety and provide you with peace of mind. Door sensors can detect if a door has been opened – window sensors can detect if a window has been opened and send a signal to your dialer – you can program an alarm to sound or have a pre-programmed number called.

Water Incursion

Home automation can be used to detect leaking water.  Water sensors used in conjunction with your home automation system can shut off the water source and call pre-programmed phone numbers to announce the alarm condition.


Home automation can help improve the safety, security and efficiency of your home.  With the cost effectiveness of home automation products today – there has never been a better time to improve this aspect of your home!