Tired of missing customers and deliveries at your greenhouse or garden center?

Spring is a very busy time of year for greenhouse operators and garden centers. Customers and couriers are arriving intermittently throughout the day and there is always work to be done, so you can’t afford to have an employee waiting for each individual customer or courier to arrive.

The Dakota Alert PR-2500 pager receiver is perfect for these applications. You can have as many of these small  pagers working on the system as you like, when a vehicle enters your property an alarm signal is sent up to 2500 feet (1/2 Mile) from the driveway sensor to the pager receiver(s). Perfect for freeing up staff to move about the property, while still being alerted instantly when a customer or courier arrives on site.

On top of this, you can use the TEMPERATURE ALERT with these pagers! Simply place a temperature alert sensor/transmitter in any temperature sensitive areas and if the temperature goes above or below your set points the pagers will activate. You can even have them programmed so your driveway sensor will activate one tone/channel on the pagers and the temperature sensor would activate a different one so you and your staff will know exactly where and how to respond!

Canadian Greenhouse Alarms:

USA Greenhouse Alarms: