Summer Home Security – Top Tips to Keep you and your family safe!

Keep your home and property safe this summer!
Home automation can keep your property safe this summer while you enjoy the weather!


While for most of us, there aren’t many downfalls to summer.  A downfall that is often overlooked or under estimated is that homes are more at risk of being burglarized in the summer time than any other time of year!  With the summer breezes, backyard barbecues and warm weather outings – we can become lax about leaving doors, windows and blinds open. Summer is also when a lot of us like to ‘get away from it all’ – which usually means leaving our home unattended for periods of time.  A few tips from us at Absolute Automation Inc can help your peace of mind this summer!

Three Top Tips for Home Security

  1. Doors, Windows & Locks.  Most of us know that the front doors, back doors and open windows are the most common point of entry for burglars.  You can take advantage of window and door switches.  These alarms can notify you if doors or windows are opened whether you are in the backyard, out shopping or on vacation.
  2. Opening the Door for Strangers.  You don’t have to open the door to strangers – this includes salespeople!  Many burglars pose as salespeople (including alarm companies!)  Home intercom systems provide the perfect defense against this type of intrusion!  Video Intercom Systems can provide a view of the door front and in some cases take still images of those who come to call while you are away!
  3. Let it Shine!  The last thing an intruder wants is to be seen.  Exterior lights set on a timer or a motion activated system are a great deterrent for those with ill intentions.


This summer – take peace of mind with you when you leave your home – or simply feel more secure while you enjoy your space.  Absolute Automation can help you put together a complete security system – customized for your home and needs.

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