Should You Add Sirens and Strobe Lights to Your Home Security System?

Thinking about adding strobe lights and/or sirens to your home security system?  Think about why the alarm system was installed in the first place – to keep you and family or employees

Strobe Lights and Sirens Can Stop a Crime Before it Happens!

safe!  Strobes and sirens can be wired to sound for different alarm occurrences such as fire or burglary.

If a burglar sees you have an alarm system they may very well bypass your property.  Criminals don’t want the hassle of the system or the chances he may be detected and caught.  Short of the criminal bypassing your home – you want to limit the amount of time the intruder is in your home.  Here’s where strobe lights and siren can be extremely affective!  Imagine if you violated someone’s property and sirens and bright strobe lights start going off – what would you do?  Most people would get out of there!

There are a few main purposes behind the idea of  strobe lights and sirens with your home or business alarm:

  1. Let the criminal know he has been detected.
  2. Let neighboring homes/businesses  know someone may have broken into your property or that an emergency is occurring.
  3. Bright flashing lights direct the police/emergency personnel to your home easily even on the darkest of nights.

Some people question whether a silent alarm may be the better way to go – assuming the intruder may get caught.  Even with an alarm system, the chances of catching the criminal is slim to none.  Most of the time – these intruders are not in your home long enough to be caught – they want to grab and be gone in minutes.  A silent alarm that does not alert the intruder that his presence has been noted may also put you, your family or employees in a dangerous situation.  A loud siren and/or strobe light is much more likely to deter criminals in the act.

When adding sirens or strobe lights to your home security system, keep these tips in mind:

  1. It’s a good idea to install two sirens (one indoors, one outdoors) as part of your home security system.
  2. When installing your outside siren, preferably mount the siren towards the front where it can be better heard.
  3. When installing strobe lights, make sure they are visible from all sides of the house – maximizing their effectiveness in fending off intruders.
  4. Make sure to test your home security system every few months to ensure sirens and strobe lights are in working order.

One last thing to consider when installing sirens or strobe lights are your community’s specific noise ordinances.  Be sure to check your local police or city hall to see what ordinances they have in your community.


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