Improve Home Security – Cost Effectively – With a Video Intercom

Are Video Intercoms Affordable for the Average Household?

Although audio intercoms (the kind you see in most apartment buildings) have been in use for some time – in the past, video intercoms were extremely expensive and therefore largely

Protect your home and loved ones
Improve your home security – cost effectively – with home automation!

the territory of only the wealthier among us!  Today video intercoms are cost effective (many excellent quality video intercoms are in the $100-$250 range) and a wonderful safety feature for the majority.

Why Install a Video Intercom?

Video Intercoms allow you to see and communicate (if you choose) with people at your door/gate without having to be at or open the door.  Place your video intercom camera beside your doorbell or buzzer and see exactly who is outside – before you decide to let them in.  Obviously, this can be useful for many reasons and can highly improve the safety of you and your family.

While they say never to judge a book by its cover – being able to check the appearance of your visitors before you decide to let them in can sometimes save a lot of hassle and a potentially dangerous situation.  These handy devices also allow you to check that the visitor is who they say they are – even to show ID to the camera before you let them in.  Now normally to do either of these things you would be forced to go outside and see or speak to your guest – with a video intercom, your visitor doesn’t even have to know you’re home without your approval!

Depending on the caller – once you’ve alerted people waiting outside to your presence, it can make them agitated if you refuse to answer the door or let them in.  For those in rough areas or the elderly this can then lead to trouble.  However, now all that can be avoided with a video intercom which allows you see who’s waiting outside before deciding whether or not to speak to them.  Video intercoms also have some day-to-day practical uses that may not occur to you initially – sometimes it may be that you don’t feel like visitors, or talking to that annoying neighbor, or maybe you just feel plain unsociable!

Choosing the Right Video Intercom System for your Home…

So, you’ve decided that a video intercom is a great idea – now what?  With so many different security options it can be hard to figure out which system is the right one for you home.  Purchasing a video intercom online can relieve the pressure of commissioned sales staff who may push you to buy on a larger scale or more than you really need.  Check out reputable internet companies that sell home automation/security systems.  The fact that many of the video intercom systems available on the market now come in a do-it-yourself style that require little or no wiring upon delivery saves you hiring a professional to do the installation. This not only saves on costs – it also means that you can adapt them to the layout of your front door and/or gates.

Safety, security and peace of mind are things we should all have.  At the end of the day, video intercoms make an affordable and highly useful part of any home security plan that many of us had simply not considered – until now.