Advantages of Trail Cameras

If you’re not familiar with the term “Game Cameras“; they’re cameras that can be strapped to a tree or other object in the woods.

These weatherproof cameras come with a motion sensor.

Game cameras by Moultrie
Grizzly Bear caught on camera

When the motion sensor detects movement in front of the camera, it trips the camera’s shutter – thus taking a picture!

There are many advantages to game cameras.   These cameras can provide you with great information about the wildlife in a select area.  Without a game camera, scouting can mean extensive driving, hiking and waiting.  Since it’s vitally important for a good hunter to scout an area before a hunt, these cameras allow us to learn what we need to know about our chosen location, without disturbing the animals that are there!

Since these game cameras provide the exact time and date of each photograph taken, it becomes a simple matter to predict movement patterns of the animals; including when they feed, drink and roam.  Instead of surveying tracks or droppings trail cameras allow us to better estimate the population size and diversity of wildlife in the area – making it that much more plausible this season could be the one where you get that big trophy!