Is there a driveway alarm that will call or text me?

This has become a very popular inquiry from customers. Many customers are looking for a system which will alert them remotely via either text, email or phone call that their driveway alarm has been triggered. While there is not yet a driveway alarm on the market with a built in dialer or alarm capable of doing this most driveway alarms (with the exception of the STI units) have relay outputs on them which can be easily tied into an alarm panel or dialer.

To have a system contact you remotely the property of course needs some type of communication technology available whether it is a phone line for dialing out or an internet connection for sending emails and text messages. Based on the type of communication required home owners can then purchase an appropriate alarm unit, either a phone dialer or web monitor. While there are not yet inexpensive web monitors available there are inexpensive phone dialers with a minimum number of inputs and programmable alarm contacts. These are usually the most common setups with a driveway alarm kit. An alarm like the USPAD2001 can easily be connected to any driveway alarm and dial up to 3 different phone numbers when the driveway alarm detects a vehicle or person.

So while there is not yet a driveway alarm with a built in dialer there are a multitude of driveway alarms which can work with a multitude of alarm dialers or panels leaving all sorts of options for the end user. Contact us to find out which driveway alarm and dialer combination may best suit your needs.

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