Protect your cabin this winter!

Too often cottages make easy targets for thieves or vandals. The off season in cottage country often equals deserted cottages and neighborhoods making these vacation homes tempting targets to thieves.

Often there is a local security company which can provide some protection by doing random drive by’s of the homes to help deter criminals or even stop them in the act. However this only offers temporary and intermittent protection.

Installing a hard wired alarm panel or dialer can offer the cottage or cabin owner peace of mind in knowing that if an intrusion is detected then either themselves, a neighbor, local security company etc. will promptly receive an alarm dial out alerting them to the intrusion. The FAD2 Freeze Alarm Deluxe alarm panel works well with the FAMAS-01 motion sensor with built in siren for this type of application. The FAD2 monitors the cabin for temperature extremes ensuring that the cottage will not freeze while unoccupied. You can easily connect the FAMAS-01 motion sensor to the FAD2 using a simple two wire connection. Now if the temperatures drop to dangerous levels inside the cottage or the motion sensor is triggered the FAD2 will begin its dial out letting the appropriate people know of the alarm condition(s)! On top of all this the FAMAS-01 has a built in siren which is sure to scare any intruder out of your cottage shortly after entering.

This kit is currently on special while quantities last, don’t wait until it’s too late to install this system to protect your cabin this winter!

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