Expecting visitors?

Through the warmer months, and during holiday season, we tend to have more visitors, and more traffic through our driveways. A driveway alert will let you know whenever and vehicle or person has entered your driveway…a great convenience during these busier months!  This means no more surprises!

In addition to protecting your driveway,  they can also help protect other things around your home.  The news  gives examples of other ways that driveway alarms can help with security at home. Sensors  can also be employed to warn you when your child goes near your pool, or an intruder enters your garage, tool shed, garden shed or summerhouse. Sensing units can be positioned to alert you if someone tampers with, or approaches your parked motor home or boat.

This provides peace of mind and security, especially when we are spending more time at our homes during the holidays or vacation times!