The New STI Rex Plus® II Electronic Watchdog ED-55

Protecting your home or workplace can be difficult; intruders and thieves are always finding ways to work around and evade security technologies. One method of protection that has remained effective over thousands of years is the use of dogs. A barking dog is a very powerful deterrent to someone who is looking to make a quick and easy escape. However, dog ownership is a huge responsibility and is not a viable option for many people; due to allergy, or the high cost of time, energy and money involved with keeping a pet or working animal. STI has come up with a way to use the effectiveness of a dog without the responsibility with their new Rex Plus® II Electronic Watchdog ED-55.

The Rex Plus® II Electronic Watchdog ED-55 works using a form of radar to detect movement. When movement is detected it can be set to either chime, siren, or play sounds of barking dogs. Other systems have attempted to recreate the effectiveness of a barking dog, but are often unable to create a sound as realistic as this system has been able to do. Through the use radar technology the system can detect if someone is approaching or leaving and adjust the frequency of the dog barking, increasing the realism and effectiveness of this deterrent. As someone approaches the dog barking becomes more aggressive and frequent, and when someone backs away the barking slows down and becomes less frequent and stops. There is also a tap off feature if you wish to answer the door and change the system to a simple growl, or off completely.

For business owners the chime feature makes this system dual purpose. The chime will notify you and your employees of a customer during the day, but when you leave for the night the user friendly controls allow you to simply move a switch to change the welcoming chime to either a siren or to the aggressive barking dogs.

The radar technology is advertised to work through all wall types. In product testing the system did work flawlessly though glass and regular drywall walls but did not appear to be sensitive enough to work through brick walls. For this reason we recommend this system for people that live in an apartment and for small business owners with a store front.

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