What is a driveway Alarm?

You may have heard from a neighbor or come across one for sale but not known: What is a driveway alarm? A driveway alarm is something that alerts you if someone enters your driveway; essentially like a doorbell. A sensor will send a signal to a receiver that will then ring or chime, often with similar noises as door bells. This is useful for many different reasons. Many businesses such as gas stations and drive-thrus use driveway alarms to alert them to the arrival of customers. For personal use it is useful for those who live in rural areas, and have a long driveway, to alert the arrival of visitors, especially if they are not always in their home and are often elsewhere on their property.
There are many different types of sensors and many different additional modifications for driveway alarms. You can have driveway alarms that detect people, and animals or ones that do not. You can also set up a driveway alarm with a siren and or a light, which is often useful for those who work in noisy areas and need a more noticeable alert. Several systems also have the option of having a portable receiver or pager so that you can know when you have visitors wherever you are.

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