Preventing Heat Stroke in Dogs

Many people will bring their dogs with them on outings and leave them in their car while they visit a mall, restaurant or any other place where dogs are not welcome. This is a problem because on a hot sunny day the temperature in the car can very quickly climb to deadly levels, even if the car is in the shade and the windows are open. The best way to prevent this is to not take your dogs with you when you travel by car except to visit the veterinarian or to dog-friendly homes and hotels. Sometimes however this is unavoidable and dogs need to be left in vehicles. This is the case for dog show participants, as well as though who live in an RV. People in these situations commonly leave the air conditioning on when they need to leave their animal in a vehicle; however there are many things that can go wrong and cause your air conditioning to fail.

For a peace of mind for the safety of your beloved pets you can have a system to warn you if your dog is in a dangerous situation. The Temperature Alert System is a wireless system that will monitor temperature and send an alert to a pager up to 3000 feet away if the temperature goes above or below custom set-points. This way, if your air conditioning should fail you can be alerted and get to your dog right away. If you should be moving more than 3000 feet away from your dog, or simply do not want to carry an extra piece of electronics with you, the Sensaphone 400 and GlobeSurfer Gateway Kit can monitor temperature, humidity, power outages, and many other environmental conditions and call your cell phone. This system also can act as a modem and phone jack for those who live in an RV.
By adding a technical backup the dangerous situation of leaving a dog in a vehicle can be made much safer. This will provide you with greater confidence to go ahead and enjoy your activities without guilt or worry.