Maintaining Your Greenhouse with Sensaphone

Control and Monitor Greenhouse Environment
Maintain Greenhouse with Sensaphone

For commercial farmers, a greenhouse is almost always a consideration at some point.  Maintaining a traditional farm is not easy – it takes a large area and the manpower to work it.  Even with the requirements met – farmers still have to deal with diseases, weeds and the weather!  One way to ease the natural inconveniences of farming is the use of commercial greenhouses.  Commercial greenhouses allow farmers to grow a myriad of produce inside these structures while maintaining a controlled environment – protecting crops from too much heat or cold, shielding plants from dust storms and blizzards, and helping to keep out pests.

Since precise environmental conditions are necessary for optimal plant growth – controlling this environment means paying special attention to many different facets constantly.  Two major contributing factors in maintaining a proper greenhouse environment are temperature and humidity.  While thermometers and humidity gauges can be monitored while present in the greenhouse – concerns about environment conditions rise when when the greenhouse is left unattended.

Several solutions are available for greenhouse owners to monitor and maintain the precise environment they require – even when  not on location!   Many greenhouses employ the use of monitoring systems like the Sensaphone Series.  These Power and Temperature Alarms can save thousands of dollars in lost revenue by alerting greenhouse owners to potentially disastrous environmental conditions when the greenhouse is unmonitored.  Sensaphone 400 and Sensaphone 800 monitoring systems can be used to detect power failures, temperature extremes, intrusions, water incursion, sounds such as smoke and burglar alarms, and other conditions of your choice – they can also be used to remotely control alarms, devices, or to remotely control the heat.   The Sensaphone Web600 can even contact you through the internet without a phone line present!

With the proper monitoring and environmental controls in place – any greenhouse can be a success and greatly increase the quality and amount of yield for farmers and the people they feed.