Water Leak Sensors and Shut Offs for Hotels, Inns and Resorts

Hotels and resorts are not immune to problems which would typically befall only vacant, or rarely occupied properties. Guests have been known to leave water using appliances such as bath tubs, sinks etc. running for extended periods of time and are often more than slightly distracted by all the activities they are trying to fit into their holiday time.

One hotelier had a funny (although not at the time) story of a distracted hotel guest leaving water running. The hotel was hosting an upscale wine and cheese event and as the event carried on through the evening guests were enjoying themselves and consuming the wine and cheese (some more than others) as was intended. At one point one of the guests who had consumed slightly more wine than the recommended portions decided to go back to her room and take a bath. This guest’s room happened to be directly above the dining hall and as the night wore on from there people in the dining hall happened to notice a water mark appearing on the ceiling above them. Hotel staff quickly realized which room this was originating from and attempted to contact the guest to find out what was happening; when this failed they were forced to let themselves into the room to find the guest asleep in the bath tub, passed out from wine consumption, and water flowing over the edge of the tub flooding the room!

All of this embarrassment, cost and headache could have easily been avoided with the use of a simple water leak detection system. The cost of purchasing and installing one is a fraction of the cost any actual water damage occurring, and can avoid a lot of potential paper work between the host and tenant!
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