It’s Freeze Alarm Season Again!

Every year at this time we see a surge in Freeze Alarm sales as cabin and cottage owners are closing up their properties for the season. However even with this, the majority of cabins are still unprotected and exposed to potentially very expensive repairs from freezing temperatures causing burst pipes, flooding and more.

Do you need a Freeze Alarm for you rental or vacation property?

  • Do you use your property in the winter (freezing) months?
  • Is the cottage unattended for extended periods of time? (Even just a few days can result in disaster)
  • Is the water left on in the home while it is unoccupied?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions your property is vulnerable to very expensive and often irreparable damage resulting from freezing temperatures or water leaks. One recent customer was only away from their home for 8 hours, their toilet tank cracked while the home was unoccupied and flooded their entire basement (water will keep running to “fill” the tank which is how so much damage can occur from any leak to any appliance) ruining drywall, insulation, flooring etc..

A freeze alarm system will monitor your home for freezing temperatures, ensuring that frozen and burst pipes are not the cause of any water leaks. However as the previous example showed, where there is water pressure there is potential for disaster regardless of the temperature. With that in the mind the new Uncle Albert – UAD-600 is an affordable wireless, expandable temperature and water leak alarm system. Place as many water leak sensors around your home as you require and use the temperature sensor to also monitor for freezing temperatures. If any of the sensors are tripped (temperature or water) the unit will dial up to three different phone numbers until someone has acknowledged the alarm.

Rest easy with the all new UAD-600 Wireless Freeze and Water Alarm dialer installed in your vacation or rental property.

Wireless Water and Freeze Alarm Dialer
Wireless Water & Freeze Alarm