Cellular Freeze and Low Temperature Protection for your Property!

Well summer has ended, as it unfortunately seems to do every year around this time. If you have a vacation or summer home which remains largely unoccupied in the winter months this is also likely the time of year you start to worry about protecting your property over the winter.

So why haven’t you already done it? Usually, the answer is because having a landline, or internet connection at the property is expensive, and seems unnecessary when no one is using it.

There have been reliable cellular, and WiFi options available before, but there’s never been a unit that was also very affordable, easy to use and completely stand alone. That was all before the HS500SL cellular alarm unit!

The HS500SL is a user and wallet friendly cellular freeze alarm. The HomeSitter checks current temperature and humidity against the users programmed alarm points every 10 seconds. If the current readings are outside of the programmed “safe range”, an alert will be sent immediately. If readings are within the safe range, they are data logged every hour. HomeSitter will upload the temperature readings every 6 to 8 hours to report the previous period’s hourly readings. At that point, this data is displayed on the website in graph or chart form for the user to view!

The ultimate in peace of mind, get the HS500 this season and rest easy knowing your property is protected.