What’s new for 2017?

First, thanks for a great 2016! As we look forward to 2017 and the new products or upgrades on existing products that it will bring we continue to see an existing trend, phone lines are being dropped. Fewer and fewer home owners are keeping traditional land lines as each year passes and more and more are either having WiFi connections in their home in lieu of the phone line, or are having no permanent communication connections in their home (or vacation home) at all.

With that in mind we’re seeing manufacturers move more towards internet (or cellular) connected ‘Smart’ devices and away from traditional dial tone based alarms. Examples of this are the TempSpot (for temperature), the FloodSpot (for water), the HomeSitter (a cellular option for temperature AND water) or the Sensaphone Sentinel for a complete 12 zone cloud based alarm.

Another new product we’ve begun carrying in 2016 is the FloLogic water shut off system. Easy to install and program the FloLogic simply monitors water flow into your home, you set ‘Home’ and ‘Away’ limits and if the flow/time exceeds your limit (indicating a potential leak) the valve will close shutting off the water supply and preventing any further damage. Great for 24/7 water protection for your entire home.